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How to let go a bad relationship and start a new journey

on June 22, 2016


Good and bad relationships are a part of life. When you are getting into a relationship, you cannot only get a basic idea of whether your relationship would work or not. However, if are not fortunate enough to have a successful relationship, you need to realize the negative factors attached to it.  In other words, you need to follow certain steps to let go this bad relationship.

  • A successful or unsuccessful relationship depends mainly on how compatible two people are with each other. Thus, if you are your partner figure out that this compatibility is not present; you need to hold a polite discussion. Talk to your partner and discuss that the two of you need to move on with life. The tone of this discussion matters a lot and needs to be very soft and polite. You need to make sure that the confidence or self-respect of your partner is not hurt. These hurt quotes might give you a idea of how people feel when they being hurt by others. In addition to that, you should always mention that you want your partner to have a great life ahead; this would make your partner feel that you do not have any ill feelings.


When you put an end to a relationship irrespective of how bad it was, you would need some time and a proper strategy to come back to normal.


  • You need to get rid of the memories that you have with your partner. These may include photographs, videos, gifts, goodies and various other things. Even the leftover of a movie ticket is a memory that you need to get rid of. If needed, make a list of all the memories that you shared with your partner. This may be quite painful, but it is necessary for you to come back to normal. It’s hard to let go and some inspiring letting go quotes will help you to let it go, as holding on can only make it more painful. If you have things that are related to your partner around you, you would find it hard to get the thoughts out of your mind.


  • Keeping yourself busy with day to day routine is the best way to combat depression which is very normal when a relationship comes to an end. Whether you are a student, a working employee or a combination of both, try to keep yourself busy. In addition to that, go out with friends and increase your social interaction, get some strength and inspirations from popular quotes about moving on and letting go. This would assist you in forgetting the times that you used to spend with your partner.


  • If you are serious about moving on with life after an unsuccessful relationship, you have to stop all forms of interaction with your partner. This includes social networking interaction, email contact and telephonic contact. Remove all forms of contact so that you do not pick up your phone for a message of open your inbox for sending an email. This may sound rude, but it is important for you to take a fresh start.


  • Exercising is very important to increase the mental and physical strength of a person. This does not mean that you need to should spend hours at the gym. Even a brisk walk or few pushups can do the trick for you.

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