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Top 5 Green and Eco Friendly Christmas Gifts for the Lady in your Life

Buying Christmas gifts is stressful enough without having to worry about what to buy for that special someone in your life; especially if that special someone is concerned about the environment or their carbon footprint. To help make this purchasing decision little less stressful, we’ve collected the top 5 eco friendly gift ideas that would look perfect under your Christmas tree.

  1. Plant a Tree in Her Honor There’s nothing that says ‘green gift’ more precisely than having some trees planted in her honor. The Arbor Day foundation, in exchange for a donation, will plant trees in honor someone and even send them a printed certificate stating what type of trees will be planted in what location. You can choose between two different reforestation projects, and each dollar that you donate plants 1 tree.
  2. Spruce up her Kitchen Or if you want to be literal, you’d be ‘bambooing’ up her kitchen with a set of three bamboo cutting boards. These fantastically useful boards are crafted of organically grown Moso bamboo. They are relatively inexpensive, with the set of three costing less than $15, and will last a lifetime.  Bamboo is actually much stronger than spruce or other materials that are often used to make wooden cutting boards, and it is actually naturally anti-microbial, making cleaning and maintaining the boards that much easier.
  3. Use the Sun to Charge her Accessories This is perfect if the lady in your life has a long commute, or likes to spend a lot of time outdoors. This solar powered device charger can actually be used to charge any USB powered device, such as a cell phone or a tablet, so she can enjoy her favorite application or book of marriage quotes anywhere! (Click here for more information on Marriage Quotes.) It also includes a built in reading light, making it the perfect add on for a Kindle or other device that uses eInk and is not backlit. It is small enough to fit easily into any purse or pocket, so take it everywhere!
  4. Everyone loves a new bag! This unique and fantastically green company makes unique and one of a kind bags out of salvaged material like vinyl and seatbelts. These chic and stylish accessories are 100% recycled, making them as green as possible. The site, First World Trash, offers a great variety of styles incuding wallets, makes up bags tablet or laptop sleeves, as well as totes and messenger bags. You can never go wrong a new bag!
  5. Help Green that Coffee Bean There’s nothing better than a hot fresh cup of Joe to wake you up in the morning. Unfortunately, most mass-produced coffees are ‘sun-cultivated’ meaning they grow in full sunlight.  This is a direct cause of rain forest destruction. Audubon coffee is shade grown, giving it a rich unique taste without having to cut down the ever dwindling rainforest to do it. The company also practices fair-trade, meaning that the farmers are paid a fair wage for their product rather than pennies on the dollar. It’s a win-win situation all the way around.

Hopefully this little collection of gift ideas will help you to find the perfect green gift for that lovely lady that you have the honor to call your wife.  

Be Happy and left my heart with happiness!

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