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3 qualities every successful entrepreneur must have

Many of us desire to be an entrepreneur. Making a living on our own is attractive. It is also important as innovation for the national and global economic growth. However, not many of us have what it takes to get through hard times. Not everyone has a mindset of becoming an entrepreneur as well. Here are the top 3 traits that every home-based business owner thrives:

  • Determination: A successful business entrepreneur starts with a “dream”. A dream of owning a business with great customer following and of course, profits. However, the ride to a successful business can be a bumpy ride for many. Things become challenging along the way – customers come and go, employees leave the company, government changes regulations, etc. Nothing worth fighting for is easy to attain. Successful business owners make it past the difficult times by being strong-willed and not allowing any problem or a person stand in their way towards their “dream”.
  • Independent: A successful business owner does not need someone to hold them accountable for their tasks. Of course, it takes hard work in creating a successful business, but an entrepreneur should be strong-minded to look out for the best interest of his or her company. Taking advice from someone is ok but there are many people in your network who might not have your best interest in mind. Manipulators and scammers are everywhere around us. To be successful, one has to be authoritative and make their own decisions that are in favor of their company.
  • Do what you like to do: we have all heard the inspirational Steve Jobs quote “the only way to do great work is to love what you do”. Successful home-based entrepreneurs create a business in the form of personal satisfaction, financial gain and enjoyment. If you don’t enjoy your work, it will surely reflect in the success –or even lack of it in your business. Subsequently, if you don’t enjoy what you are doing, you won’t succeed. It is also important for business owners to truly believe in their business. If they are not motivated about the project they have undertook, it is likely they will get sidetracked and not be able to give complete attention to the business.

These were just few of the characteristics that we think an entrepreneur should have. If you think you have these qualities, then you may have the ability to be successful at entrepreneurship. We all have dreams and the ability to follow them. However, only few people have the guts to actually try and achieve the dreams. Are you one of them?

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All You Need to Know about a Pharmacist’s Salary

The market for pharmacists is a favorable one; this is why most people wonder how much salary a pharmacist could be making. Research done in this area shows that pharmacy counter jobs are highly paid ones. This is not all. Pharmacist jobs are increasing well in the United States and everywhere else in the world. As a pharmacist, the main job one needs to get done is focus on use of safe and effective medicine. In order to do the job successfully, sound knowledge of biochemical mechanisms, side effects, therapeutic roles and potential medication interactions is a must.

An Overview

According to salary surveys conducted, the average pharmacist salary was $94,570 per year. The highest recorded was approximately $129,356 while the lowest was at $59, 783. In these figures the bonus and profit sharing ratios were observed to be 10.6% and 4.5% respectively.

Furthermore, experience is an important factor for pharmacist salary. The higher the number of years you have been working for, the more salary you can get entitled to. As a benchmark, a pharmacist with less than a year of experience can get $80, 560 on an annual basis. On the other hand, a pharmacist with more than 20 years of experience can receive a payment of $111, 797 annually.

For obvious reasons, the best paying vicinity will be the central city where the chances of getting recruited are definitely high.

How to Earn More as a Pharmacist?

High salaries are a result of various licenses and certificates that the pharmacist needs to obtain within two years of study at a professional university or college. These certificates are a must and important before you can apply for the Doctor of Pharmacy. With every certificate you obtain, the level of salary increases eventually.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is the basic of all certificates and a pharmacist with it will earn a salary of $117, 447 annually. Registered Pharmacist (RPh) certificates is of much value to this career and can get you the salary of $127,133. The most valuable certificate to a pharmacist is that of Certified Immunization Pharmacist (CIP) and Registered Immunization Pharmacist.

Since the competition is tough in the field, getting admission in a professional school and starting an internship is the best thing one can do. Besides these pre-requisites, having good communication skills along with a problem-solving attitude can take you a long way.

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